Schedule Key

This content on this page is provided to assist in identifying and converting the codes used the the XML Schedule feed.

Campus NameCampus Code
Online & ITVEA
San Juan Bachelors/GraduateEF
Gallup Bachelors/GraduateEG
Taos Bachelors/GraduateET
Albq Westside (UNM West)EW
Los AlamosLA

Colleges & Schools, Departments, and Subjects

The section below allows you to drill down into a specific College or School and identify the codes needed to select from a specific department or subject.

Anderson Schools of Management - MG

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
Anderson School Management ASMABI.

Associate Degree - AD

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
Provost Branch CampusesAG.
.Automotive TechnologyAUTT
.Cert Nursing AsstCNA
.Collision Repair TechnologyCRT
.Construction TechnologyCNST
.Criminal JusticeCRJS
.Culinary ArtsCART
.Design & Digital MediaDDM
.Drafting TechnologyDRFT
.Fire ScienceFISC
.General StudiesGNST
.Health Careers Dental AssistHCDA
.Health Careers Health InformatHCHT
.Health Careers Health SciencesHCHS
.Human ServicesHS
.Information TechnologyIT
.Medical Laboratory TechnologyMLT
.Sustainability StudiesSUST
.Welding TechnologyWLDT

College of Arts and Sciences - AS

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
*Interdisciplinary: A.S.X150.
.A&S Cooperative Educ ProgramASCP
.Health,Medicine & Human ValuesHMHV
.International StudiesINTS
.Latin American StudiesLTAM
.Medieval StudiesMDVL
.Museum StudiesMSST
.Peace StudiesPCST
.Public PolicyPUBP
.Sustainability StudiesSUST
African American Studies800A.
.Africana StudiesAFST
AS American Studies330A.
.American StudiesAMST
AS Anthropology045A.
AS Biology048A.
AS CHMS Program479A.
.Chicana and Chicano StudiesCCS
AS Economics186A.
AS Linguistics597A.
Communication Journalism839A.
.Communication & JournalismCJ
Earth & Planetary Sciences133A.
.Earth & Planetary SciencesEPS
.Environmental ScienceENVS
Foreign Languages Literatures856A.
.Comparative LiteratureCOMP
.Modern LanguageMLNG
Mathematics Statistics869A.
Physics Astronomy707A.
Political Science484A.
.Political SciencePOLS
Religious Studies Prgm902A.
Spanish Portuguese704A.
Speech & Hearing Sciences903A.
.Speech & Hearing SciencesSHS
Women Studies382A.
.Women StudiesWMST

College of Education - ED

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
Health Exercise & Sports Sci353A.
.Health EducationHED
.Physical Ed (Non-Professional)PENP
.Physical Ed (Professional)PEP
Individual Fam Comm Educ IFCE734A.
.Counselor EducationCOUN
.Educational PsychologyEDPY
.Family & Child StudiesFCS
Lang Literacy Sociocultural LL842A.
.Lang, Literacy & Sociocult StLLSS
Special Education971A.
.Special EducationSPCD
Teacher Education795A.
.Educational LeadershipLEAD
.Math, Sci, Environ & Tech EducMSET

College of Fine Arts - FA

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
*Interdisciplinary: Fine ArtsX153.
.Arts Leadership & BusinessALB
.Fine ArtFA
Art Art History595A.
.Art EducationARTE
.Art HistoryARTH
.Art StudioARTS
Media Arts568A.
.Interdisc Film & Digital MediaIFDM
.Media ArtsMA
.Music - AppliedAPMS
.Music EducationMUSE
Theatre & Dance652A.

College of Nursing - NU

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
College of NursingAFD.

College of Pharmacy - PH

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
College of PharmacyAFE.

College of Population Health - PO

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
College of Population Health304A.
.Public HealthPH

Honors College - HC

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
UNM Honors Program787A.
.UNM Honors ProgramUHON

Provost Academic/Admin - PA

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
Air Force ROTC808A.
.Air Force Aerospace StudiesAFAS
Military Science & Leadership874A.
.Military Science & LeadershipMLSL
Naval Science961A.
.Naval ScienceNVSC
School of Public Admin390A.
.Public AdministrationPADM

School of Arch. and Planning - AP

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
School Architecture PlanningABM.
.Community & Regional PlanningCRP
.Landscape ArchitectureLA

School of Engineering - EN

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
.Biomedical EngineeringBME
.Engineering Coop Ed PrgrmECOP
Chem & Biological Engineering326A.
.Chem & Biological EngineeringCBE
Civil Engineering Civil Engr456A.
.Civil EngineeringCE
Computer Science650A.
.Computer ScienceCS
Electrical Computer Engr271A.
.Electrical & Computer EngineerECE
NSMS Nano Science & Micro Syst288A.
.Nanoscience & MicrosystemsNSMS
Nuclear Engineering327A.
.Nuclear EngineeringNE
SOE Mechanical Engineering023A.
.Mechanical EngineeringME

School of Law - LW

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
School of Law Administration588A.

School of Medicine - ME

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
*DM (MD) ProgramX313.
.Clinical ScienceCLNS
Biomedical Sci Grad Prg BSGP572A.
.Biomedical SciencesBIOM
Emergency Medicine558A.
.Emergency Medical ServicesEMS
FCM Physicians Assistand Pgm160E.
.Physician AssistantPAST
Orthopaedics Physical Therapy497J.
.Physical TherapyPT
Pediatrics Occupational Ther497I.
.Occupational TherapyOCTH
.Radiologic SciencesRADS
SOM Clinical DepartmentsAFC1.
.Nuclear MedicineNUCM
SOM Pathology Medical Lab Sci254C.
.Medical LaboratoryMEDL
Surgery Dental Services523K.
.Dental HygieneDEHY

University College - UC

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
International Programs Studies064A.
.Internatnl Stud Xchange ProgISEP
Native American Studies616A.
.Native American StudiesNATV
UC DepartmentsABB2.
.Civic and Community EngagementCELR
.Liberal Arts & Integrative StuLAIS
.National Student Exchange ProgNSE
Water Resources Program359A.
.Water ResourcesWR

Univ Libraries & Learn Science - LL

NameCode / Subject Subject Code
Educ Leader Orgn Learning ELOL375A.
.Org, Info, & Learning SciencesOILS
Organization Info Learning Sci375C.
.Org, Info, & Learning SciencesOILS
Part of Term Values
Code Term
1 Full Term
SSP Special Student Programs
LAW Law Semester
1H First Half Term
2H Second Half Term
3Q Three-Quarter Term
INT Late Starting Courses
OL Open Learning
NF Nursing - Full Term
N1H Nursing - First Half Term
N2H Nursing - Second Half Term
M01 MD Program - Block 1
M02 MD Program - Block 2
M03 MD Program - Block 3
M04 MD Program - Block 4
M05 MD Program - Block 5
M06 MD Program - Block 6
M07 MD Program - Block 7
M08 MD Program - Block 8
M09 MD Program - Block 9
M10 MD Program - Block 10
M11 MD Program - Block 11
M12 MD Program - Block 12
M13 MD Program - Block 13
Section Status Values
Code Term
A Active*
C Cancelled *
I Inactive
M Cancelled w/Message
R Reserved
S Cancelled/Rescheduled *
T Cancelled/Reschedule w/Message